Production Programme

The most common grades by Mekava are presented below. We are prepared to negotiate other grades and variations.

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Cast irons

Grey cast iron grades

Mekava GJL 200

Mekava GJL 250

Mekava GJL 300

Mekava GJL 350


Ductile cast iron grades

Mekava GJS 400

Mekava GJS 500


White cast irons and silicon irons

Mekava Ni-Hard 2

Mekava Ni-Hard 4

Mekava GJN XCr25

Mekava High Si 1

Mekava High Si 2

Non-alloy and low alloy steel grades

Mekava GS 240

Mekava GE 300

Mekava G26CrMo4


High alloy steel grades

Mekava 1.4401

Mekava 1.4408

Mekava 1.4740



Mekava CW12MW